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LuxuryAtl LLC

LuxuryAtl LLC

Sales Process and Services


·         Review the purchase and sale contract for accuracy and completion

·         Process sale (internal) paperwork

·         Set up files

·         Set up inspection for buyer, time, date, and inspector and notify all parties

·         Scan or fax any documents necessary

·         Note all contingencies and deadlines for follow-up

·         Oversee the timely removal and satisfaction of contractual contingencies/special stipulations

·         Reach out to co-op agent, lender and buyer/seller introducing myself and assistants

·         Verify buyer has made loan application and lender has ordered a credit report

·         Verify loan pre-qualification with lender

·         Order termite letter, notify all parties if needed

·         Send copy of termite letter to closing attorney and lender if needed

·         Order Home Warranty if needed and notify closing attorney

·         Verify that the buyer’s lender’s appraisal has been ordered

·         Be available to all parties during business hours

·         Handle many office miscellaneous details as needed

·         Contact lender regularly, review, update, and verify

·         Follow up on completion of work of inspections (structural, environmental, septic)

·          Make sure all inspection repairs are completed, Save copy of receipts for walk through

·          Meet Buyers/Sellers for any signatures (extensions, revisions, etc)

·          Inform Buyer / Seller and Agent when loan is approved and obtained

·          Assist in transferring of keys if necessary

·          Set up closing – coordinate with Buyer / Seller and Co-op agent

·          Notify all parties of closing time, place and date

·          Provide an information sheet for sellers to be sent to the closing attorney

·          Fax information sheet to closing attorney

·         Reminding of Buyer / Seller before closing:

·         Repairs per inspection report
·         Special stipulation items ******
·         Termite letter if needed
·         Insurance
·         Utility transfer process
·         Cashier’s Check or Wire for closing
·         Walk through
·         Date, time, and place of closing
·         Bring keys to closing
·         Any other items per contract
·         Secure a copy of HUD 1 Settlement Statement and distribute to all parties